trained fully and want to improve their qualification, we invite you to Anapa at the master-classes and exchange of practical опытом.Мастер classes are held Tolstonosov Andrei Andreevich year

Dear colleagues and dear friends!

The next master-class was appointed to 24-26 may 2013.

Program of master-class I would like to clarify with you. While I can offer the following issues:

" a Woman's pelvis. Biomechanics of delivery. Birth trauma.

- Working with the cervical spine. Correction of 1-St and 2-nd of cervical vertebrae.

" the capacity of the computer томографирования in diagnostics of a condition of the musculoskeletal system. The message makes the dentist Стальмахович Elena.

" Protrusion, disc herniation. Peculiarities of the work and the possibilities of the method.

- Hernia Шморля.

- Hemangiomas.

- ankylosing spondylitis. The possibility of rehabilitation.

" Rehabilitation following removal of the joints.

- spinal Injury and surgery, rehabilitation after them.

" the Real difference in the length of the legs.

- Working with the pancreas in case of pancreatitis.

-"the Longitudinal" pain and correction of the meridians.

You can send your proposals on forming the program of master-класса.Можем consider interesting cases from the practice, work with difficult patients. Welcome materials objectification of recovery, the conclusion of other specialists. Am looking forward to your suggestions.
I wish you success in your work, and with respect, Tolstonosov Andrei Andreevich.

Telephone for information in Anapa


the Program of master-class 15-17 June 2012.

" New in joint exercises on the principles of MAT – work on the “dynamic barrier” - more smoothly and efficiently.

- Possible models of scoliosis and its treatment.

" the Application of Рекойл on the muscles, including painful.

- Implementation of visceral massage during pregnancy.

- hypertension and hypertension treatment.

" Correction of dysfunctions of the pelvis - no test on the length of his legs while sitting.

- Voltage ileo-lumbar muscles – one of the factors of reduction of lordosis education and hernias of the lumbar spine. Relaxation of the muscles of the MAT.

" the Work in the neck and in costal-thoracic transition.

- How to combine sessions on the method of Толстоносова A.A. treatment with leeches.

" the Exchange of best practices – consideration of the interesting cases from the practice of the parties, the recommendations for the management of patients with certain diseases and symptoms.