Method Of Andrei Andreyevich Tolstonosov

Method Of Andrei Andreyevich Tolstonosov

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the Method Tolstonosova, as the three pillars, is based on three osteopathic techniques. But there is one small, but a nice little whale is. This is a very soft techniques, some of my students are almost tender, touching the patient. Because many patients are afraid of pain and want to improve their health, without suffering and without suffering. And have my students turns out that such assistance. This lyrical digression.

And now again seriously and thoughtfully…

the Method Tolstonosova as the three pillars, is based on three osteopathic techniques

The “миофасциальная relizing machinery”, “muscle-energy technology” and “рекойл” (rebound). Each of these techniques has undoubted dignity and the relative disadvantages.
Therefore it was necessary transformation of each of them, which allowed to unify them into a single technology.

“Миофасциальная relizing machinery” (MFM) – the technique of “the release of  the muscle and fascia from stress. Is mildly, timber, does not violate the biorhythms of patients. Running this technique like “adjusted” under the patient, and relaxation for all its softness can be deep enough, up to work on the periosteum. To work with the muscles and fascias – excellent technique. In my interpretation on this technique is based abdomen massage, anti-cellulite massage, treatment of mastopathy and osteopathic massage of the face.

Massage of the abdomen with the help of MFM is painless, and at the same time deeply enough, almost the entire depth of tissue. The basic principles of this massage – послойность impact (relaxation and palpation) and the projection of the body at the front abdominal wall. The basic criterion of – the tone of the tissues. A healthy body gently soft and painless on palpation. Restoring the tone of intense and атоничных tissues, we improve blood flow and lymph flow and improve the function of the organs.

Osteopathic face massage with the help of MFM is a necessary and enjoyable process. Necessary because cosmetologists work mainly with the skin. The mimic muscles of the face at the same time is not sufficiently developed. Exercises for the face solve this problem partially. Need palpation and soft work with the muscles and fascia. Technique in my performance influences the centres of the emotions of the brain, after which the relaxation becomes really deep.

Treatment of mastopathy offered me the technique is painless and effective. In the treatment of mastopathy prescription of a few years for women after the age of 40 – 50 years of age are usually only two or three sessions. Results are stored for a long time, returns does not exist.

Cellulite massage this technique allows you to work very gently and painlessly. If we can MFM work with the muscles, fascia and even periosteum, work with the skin and the subcutaneous tissue does not cause any problems. The main thing – regular consumption of water patients. During the elaboration of the large volume of tissue products stagnation get into the blood. If this don't drink the water, it is possible poisoning of the organism.

taking into account The developed me of new technological units in relation to the American primary source of “Миофасциальная relizing machinery” became the “new massage”.

at The same time it is necessary to say that technology is not a quick, requires great concentration of the treating specialist. In some osteopathic schools this is done so that the work becomes close to the psychic. I consider it a disadvantage, because it becomes less of objective indicators of the progress of treatment and may be operator error. The amount of muscle, прорабатываемых for one session is not very great. Not very convenient technique to work with powerful muscles, such as the thigh. But the main thing – not worked out the more dense fabric – intervertebral disks and ligaments of the spine and pelvis.

“Muscle-energy technology” (MAT)is a technique of the activation of the patient, one of the variants of realization of a principle of постизометрического relaxation of muscles. This principle has long been known in our country, and is an effective when relaxing tense muscles and ligaments. Is the muscle tension in a certain position for a few seconds (5-7), with a delay of breath and turning of the eyes in the direction of the voltage. Therefore, the technique and the Soviet version, and in the us, is local. The amount of stress that you can work through this technique during one session, is limited. I gradually cut the tension in the muscles and brought it up to one second, abandoning the rotation of the eyes and breath. The mechanism of relaxation would still turn on! This allowed me to create a joint exercise on the basis of the MAT with the load on all the major joints and units of the spine. The technique was in the respect of the human body global! She is a medical-diagnostics the diagnostics of the volume of traffic. There are guidelines for mobility adopted me as the norm, and they are above the common. This exercises is universal, because, fulfilling certain movement, we relaxes tense muscles and train атоничные! This gymnastics gives the load on muscles not, as in passive massage techniques, but on the ligaments and the intervertebral discs. This makes it more effective in the treatment of disorders of the spine and pelvis and the restoration of their mobility.

the Movement of the feet and the bones of the pelvis with the big amplitude in the joint gymnastics allowed me to simplify considerably a unit of American techniques for correction of the dysfunction of pelvic MAT. To effectively eliminate the dysfunction of pelvic enough of the three major tests and five basic techniques! After the restoration of mobility and optimal position of the pelvic spine is built under the pelvis, in several days after the session is the autostroke function. Prevent her from may two factors: lack of elasticity of the ligaments those who don't drink the water and still in costal-spinal joints. Regular consumption of water in a quantity of not less than a liter is one of the conditions of treatment with this method. Mobility ribs and other bone structures can be restored with the help of adapted technology “рекойл  - “bounce”.

Osteopathic technique Рекойл (bounce) have developed a French osteopaths Paul Шоффур and Eric Prat. The bone structure (vertebrae, ribs, joint) need to push with little effort and fast it is an effort to stop. This causes a slight movement of this structure, as a result of which relax the deep muscles and ligaments. The technique is a medical-diagnostic, because the pressure is checked degree of mobility of structures. The relative disadvantage of this method is a complex system of diagnosis, aimed at the search for “the primary lesion” - the greatest limitation of mobility. To do this are a large number of tests (up to 200). At the same time the main reception method – “the bounce” is very efficient. So I simplified system diagnostics, abandoning the search for “the primary lesion”. I am doing the “Рекойл” according to a definite scheme, and the number of stresses and deviations from the norm decreases with each session. Chain voltages are broken up into parts, and I don't care what order they will leave. The basic technique allows you to quickly unlock the lumbar-sacral transition, to restore the mobility of each rib and work effectively not only with the muscles, and ligaments – the Sacro-бугорной, the Sacro-iliac, ileo-sacral. This allows you to eliminate scoliosis in adults and children. Very convenient to operate this equipment with the straight and oblique muscles of the head, an influence on the position and mobility of the 1 and 2 of the vertebrae in the neck and the blood flow brain.

the Technique Рекойл is indispensable when working with the sacrum and coccyx. In my version of application it allows you to restore mobility and carry out correction of the sacral and копчиковых vertebrae in adults and children. When this occurs the effect of tonification of the nerve centers in the area of sacrum with the intensification of male and female sexual sphere. Treatment of male and female infertility is becoming more efficient. Corrections are performed safely, through the underwear.

In conclusion, a brief review of the techniques, which I work and who teach, I want to say the following. Osteopathy now – not a method, and field of activity. The existence of different schools and methods is quite normal, as it stimulates the healthy competition and to improve the methods. I to improve their methods of different options each time I choose a more rapid and soft. Updates are constant and the amount of information is constantly growing. Learn the application of the method of самоучителю impossible, need “formulation of hands”. At the same time, preliminary acquaintance with the method greatly simplifies the training.