The program curriculum

trained FULLY and pass the offset of the Certificate shall be issued of the Russian Association of folk medicine (РАНМ) on the training in the field of traditional medicine on the theme: "Popular methods of массажа.Авторская methodology Tolstonosova A.A.". In the certificate specified program of theoretical and practical training
the power of teaching "Method Tolstonosova" has only Tolstonosov Andrei Andreevich.


In connection with the fact that the amount of information отрабатываемой during the training course, increases the number of teaching hours may vary. At the present time course can be taken for 12 days of classes (90 hours). After that it is possible to conduct 2-3 day master-class for trained fully. The lessons will be a three-or four-day. Between occupations require a separate work – the improvement obtained in the classroom skills, study of the benefits to complement topics covered.

Session 1 (4 days).

1. Physiological need to maintain maximum mobility of the spine, pelvic bones and joints. The main indications and contra-indications to the application of the method.

2. Universal massage technology on the basis of technology миофасциального relaxation (MFM). Work with the muscles and fascia.
1) Osteopathic massage of the face.
2) anti-Cellulite massage on the basis of the MFM.
3) Manual treatment of mastopathy.

3. Osteopathic technique of “Рекойл” is an effective means of restoring mobility of bone structures. Restore mobility and correction provisions of the sacral and копчиковых vertebrae.

4. Physiological movement bones of the pelvis. Correction of the dysfunction of pelvic muscle energy technique.

Session 2 (4 days).

1. Universal joint gymnastics – “health-improving complex dose movement”.
2. The restoration of mobility of joints active and passive techniques. General rules and specific recommendations.
3. Diagnostics and correction of dysfunctions of the chest.
4. “Health-improving complex passive movements” - joint exercises for those, who can not move on their own.
5. “the Longitudinal” pain and correction capabilities of the meridians without needles.

Session 3 (4 days).

1. Diagnostics and correction of disorders of the spine of the various techniques.
2. Massage of the abdomen with the help of myophascial relizing technology.


the full session:
- survey of the patient's
- inspection of the patient's
- operation of active and passive techniques
- diagnostics and correction of dysfunctions of the pelvis, spine, ribs
- massage of the abdomen with the help of MFM; osteopathic massage of the face

Since February 2013 students before the examination should make a presentation on the experience of application of studied techniques (in any form).