Training manuals



For each topic occupation there is a benefit.

This allows you to work intensively in the classroom for a short while, the practice of many techniques and methods. There is a video recording sessions, including with the reception of patients in front of a group. They are motion, the magnitude of the effort, building session in those or other practical cases.
In the best case you have to pass classes, get a book and video. It gives the opportunity to understand the technology and its practical work, that is, the “place your hands”.

currently possible sale of the benefits in the following ways:
1. External hard disk with the record of all classes (the fourteen days of the occupation with the reception of patients in front of groups, all printed manuals, articles, master-class for the group, fully held training, lecture with the demonstration of techniques and etc.), a total of 175 GB. The price of the disc 7000 rubles, including the cost of the disk.

2. Individual benefits, which used to be distributed in the form of brochures, mostly included in книгу.Рассылка books "Manual credo" , and "The clear doctrine of health"can the post of Russia. The cost of one copy of 600 rubles. Sending is carried out on a weekly basis. Application can be done by e-mail

In case of payment through the Bank for residents of Russia and the near abroad. Need to order by e-mail, informing your postal address. Pay for the order by transferring the money to the Bank.
Bank details for payment:
ЗАО Банк ЗЕНИТ Сочи в г. Сочи г. Анапа БИК 040396717
корр. счёт 30101810400000000717
ИНН 2301028733 Сч. 40802810640010000807
ИП Толстоносов Андрей Андреевич
Назначение платежа: учебные пособия.

a Possible procedure for the payment for the citizens of other countries.
Make order by e-mail, informing your postal address. To pay for an order on the system "Western Union" or other systems, supported by the banks of g. Anapa. The cost of the transfer in the currency equivalent to the cost of benefits in roubles plus 10% for postage.

Make an application on participation in the seminar in Anapa t. 8(918) 664-54-29. Order disks, manuals, books on E-mail