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I would like to collect simple and useful recommendations for each membert


Affirmation of Louise hay.

This attitude will help to maintain a good mood,
distract from the sad thoughts and give hope to the
the very best.

In an endless stream of life, a part of which I am
everything is fine, solid, absolutely.
I serve as a base for himself, and life support me.
I see: the whole my life and all around subordinate to the Higher Law.

I was happy to learn new.
My day begins with gratitude and joy.
I'm waiting for each new day with enthusiasm, for I know that in my life everything is fine.
I love myself and everything that I do.
I – a living, loving and cheerful creation, which reflects the beauty of existence.


In my world everything is beautiful



Tips Alekseeva A.E., the author and presenter of the program “Help yourself 

"so, from tomorrow until the alive You start to drink clean, некипяченую, not heated, room temperature, preferably structured water. This can be thawed water, passing on the silicon. This can be plain water, passed through водоочищающий filter, in which basis - track membrane, which allows for the present time get a nearly perfect for the body of drinking water, and structured. It filters series “MTF”.
Andrey Andreevich Толстоносов recommends drinking water for 30 minutes before a meal for one glass (for beginners drinking water is possible to 100-150 grams). After the use of water for half an hour is allocated gastric juice. If you eat at a certain time, then we can train the digestive reflexes and improve digestion. Besides, you can drink the water between meals, small portions. Gradually it is desirable to go on eating 2-3 liters of water a day (30 grams per kilogram of body weight). Of great importance is the emergence of a sense of thirst. If it is not there – the body is in the saving of liquid. When it comes – the organism has passed in a mode of normal its circulation. The body destroys all edema with toxins and pollutants. Massage of the abdomen speeds up the metabolic and regenerative processes in several times.

IT /recipe Alekseeva A.E./

For the preparation of “кваши” you can use a ready made mixture of flakes four cereals: wheat, oats, rye, barley, so-called “quick cooking oatmeal”. Be careful and be sure to look at the time of the preparation of porridges, specified on the package. If less than three minutes – not good. If three minutes and more – the mixture is suitable. The ready mix cereal flakes add in the appropriate proportions buckwheat groats and перемолотое in flour wheat. This needs to be done to increase the number of biological potassium and iron.
Still, we need honey, fresh dill, parsley, garlic. And either yogurt or yogurt, or fermented baked milk. Not bio, and the most simple, common.
Take 0,5-1 Cup of the mixture of flakes and pour in a glass or porcelain bowl, add into the mix one tablespoon of finely chopped dill, one tablespoon of finely chopped parsley, squeeze in a mixture of single medium clove of garlic and add one teaspoon of honey. Then take the or yogurt, or ryazhenka, or sour milk and pour the cooked mixture, stir thoroughly to the state of liquid sour cream.
Leave the mixture prepared on the table at room temperature, covering a clean towel for 6-8 hours. You can prepare the mixture in the evening, in the morning you can it for Breakfast. This recipe is for those who want to remove excess weight.



Make 10 squats and find five reasons to smile right now.