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1. “Rejoice today 
It is not worth living hope for a bright future, learn to enjoy each lived day and waited with a hope of offensive days of the new. Then your life would be in the joy that you will radiate to all that surrounds you. This is a very beneficial effect and on health.

2. “Expect the best of it is today,”.
Sad about the past is meaningless - because it has not come back. But do not be always thinking about the future, because then it never comes (tomorrow, always tomorrow). In either case, we block the positive energy. We must get rid of anxiety and live day to day.

3. “Be sincere to all the living”.
All life on this planet has a common origin. And the sooner we understand this, the easier it will be. You need to take with love yourself and your body, and also the nature of living organisms and humans. In reply we will receive love.

4. “Earn on life honestly”.
Life without lies, is very important for inner peace and self-awareness. Your honesty will bring forth the truth to you by other people.

5. “Be grateful for the grace”.
This is the basic law of abundance. Not an empty accumulation, not a race for the fleeting pleasures, and honest work and thanks for all the good that we have. This becomes a powerful magnet, attracting abundance.


This kvass recommends and Alekseev A.E.

What are the benefits of kvass of celandine?
The answer lies in the title of the grass. The plant contributes to the purification of the human body. But this applies not only to the skin veils. The action of celandine is distributed in the nasal passages, the eyes, the ears, the gastro-intestinal tract, lungs, urinary system.
Enzymes produced by fermentation of grass, milk whey and sugar have a huge stimulating action. Therefore, kvass with чистотелом successfully used in folk medicine. Useful properties of kvass does not deny and traditional medicine.
B. Bolotov I am convinced that during fermentation of the milk serum чистотел loses toxic properties and drink kvass can be without fear, of course respecting the recommended daily the dose of 1/3стакана 3 times a day, ending with food.

On 3 liters of milk serum to take 1 teaspoon of fresh sour cream, 1 Cup sugar and 1 Cup of celandine grass.
That the grass is not floated, you need to put it in a bag of cheesecloth with glass ball as cargo.
Mix all thoroughly and to start the Bank with the prepared mixture gauze, stacked in several layers.
To put the capacity in place, protected from direct sunlight. Keep at room temperature. A haunting blend of 14 days. After 14 days, drain and ready-made kvass stored in the refrigerator. Take 1 / 3 Cup 3 times a day, ending with food.

Best of all toxins and heavy metals from organism displays oatmeal, as well as the well-washed millet, buckwheat and rice. With the mess at the same time you can have a neutral and углеводистые products, but not food containing protein. With any porridge can be eaten sour-milk products, sour cabbage, mushrooms , herbs and nuts. To mess you can add dried fruits, raisins and dried apricots, figs, apples, tomatoes, honey, Jerusalem artichoke. Under such supplements porridge does not lose its energy value of… For health!

Almond milk – a very useful and tasty drink! It can and should be used instead of cow's milk. In cow's milk contains 100 mg of calcium, and in almonds 370 mg per 100 g of product. In addition, almonds are rich in vitamins and trace elements.