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Message воды.Тайные codes of ice crystals

Studies of the famous scientist and healer Masaru Emoto show that water can absorb, store and transmit human thoughts and emotions. Dr. Emoto considers that, since water can

to respond to a very wide spectrum of electromagnetic oscillations, it reflects the fundamental properties of the universe as a whole.


Both people and all our Land for 70 per cent of the water. Therefore, I am sure Masaru Emoto, we can heal ourselves and the world, deliberately cultivating the most important positive

"vibration" love and gratitude


again about the benefits of juice

Drinking a day and a half glasses of orange juice, we can be sure that their daily norm of vitamin C fulfilled. Useful properties of апельсиного juice made him the most popular for Breakfast.

A source of glucose, stimulates memory, promotes the best storing of disorderly information, such as the shopping list and Affairs. Seems a bit too sugary? Mix the juice with water, at the same time “dilute” calories.

Useful properties of juice of a grapefruit in the fact that it contains a special enzyme нарингин improves digestion and accelerates the process of burning fat.

This juice has a unique antimicrobial properties, including against pathogens of skin diseases. So, if you have skin problems, tangerine juice will serve you well.

Drunk at Breakfast, fills with cheerfulness. In the body performs a kind of program “detox” - contribute to the removal of harmful metabolic products, and “anti-stress” - благотоворно affects the nervous system.

He will be most useful juice, if you try to fewer than is strictly limiting caloric intake. The fact that it has the lowest energy value

SIP water and speak the words of love and gratitude aloud or silently.
Do not wash down juices medicines, especially грейпфрутовым – it slows down their excretion from the body.
How to help a tired eyes? Recent research scientists-chemists have proved, that the most useful for vision juice – CHERRY.
Do juices themselves

to be Continued...