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Deepak Chopra


the Seven Spiritual Laws of success

a Practical guide to implementation of your dreams


Law “Karma”, or the Law of Cause and effect

Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in the form of such power... as you sow, so shall you reap. And when we choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, our karma brings us the fruits of happiness and success. Karma – it's eternal assertion of human freedom. Our thoughts, our words and deeds – this is the thread of the network, which we spread around them.

Swami Vivekananda

“Karma” – it is both action and what follows from it; it is a cause and a result at the same time, because every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in the form of such a force. In the Law of Karma for us there is nothing new. Everyone heard the phrase: “As you sow, so shall you reap”. It is quite obvious that, if we want our life to be happy, we must learn to sow the seeds of happiness. Therefore, karma implies action conscious choice.

In fact, we are doing the choice is. In any moment of their existence we are in this field of all possibilities, where we opened access to the infinity of the elections. Some of these elections, we do consciously, others – unconsciously. But the best way to understand and maximize the use of karmic law – go to his choice consciously aware of every choice we make every moment of his life.

whether you Like it or not, all that is happening at the moment, is the result of all the choices that you have done in the past. Unfortunately, very many of us make your choice unconsciously, and therefore we don't consider this a choice – and yet it is so.

If I were you offended, you most likely would have made the choice to be offended. If I tell you a compliment, you make the choice to experience pleasure or feel flattered. But think about this: this is only a selection.

I can hurt you, hurt you, and you can make the choice not to feel offended. I can say something nice for you, and you make the choice not to take my praise.

in Other words, most of us – even in spite of the fact that we do an infinite number of elections – turn to the clots of conditioned reflexes, which are always included people and circumstances, becoming predictable behaviors. These reflexes like a conditional reflex, open Pavlov. Pavlov demonstrated: if you, letting the dog food, every time a call bell, soon the dog begins to be produced saliva, when you just ring the bell, because both stimuli are interrelated.

Most of us as a result of conditioning acquire constantly repeated predictable reaction on the incentives operating in our environment. There is an impression that our responses will be automatically included people and circumstances, and we forget that it is only a choice that we make in every moment of its existence. We just make this choice unconsciously.
If for a moment you step back and observe the choice that you make, just through that very act of observation you move this whole process from the realm of the unconscious in the realm of the conscious. This process of conscious choice and observations significantly expands your opportunities.

when Making a choice – any choice – ask yourself two questions. First of all: “What are the consequences of the choices that I am going to do?” In the soul of you immediately will know what they will be. And the second: “whether the choice which I now do, happiness me and those who are close to me?  If the answer is “Yes”, then follow their own choice. If the answer is “no”, if your choice hurt you or those who are close to you, you should not accept this choice. Everything is very simple.

Among the many elections that give you every second of your existence, there is only one who will bring happiness to you and those around you. And if you do this the only choice, he will pour out in the form of the action, which is called spontaneous right course of action. Spontaneous correct action – this is the right action at the right moment. This is the correct response to each situation it was then, when it has occurred. This action, which nourishes you and any one else, to whom this action affects.

There is a very interesting mechanism, which provides you with the universe, to help make spontaneously the right choice. This mechanism is connected with the sensations of your body. Your body may experience two types of sensations: a sense of comfort or discomfort. In that moment, when you consciously make the choice, pay attention to your body and ask him a question: “If I make such a choice, what would happen?  If your body sends a message of comfort, then this is the right choice.

If the body sends a message about the discomfort, it is not the choice that you need.

Some people perceive a sense of comfort and discomfort that area where they have the solar plexus, but the majority of people perceive their area of the heart. Deliberately turn their attention to the area of the heart and ask your heart, as you do. After that, wait for reply – physical reactions in the form of a sensation. This may be the weakest level of sensations, but here they are, in your body.

Only the heart knows the correct answer. The majority considers the heart of the weak and sentimental. But this is not so. The heart has intuition, it is total, it does, it is associated with the moment. He had no guidance for the victory-defeat. It is connected to the cosmic computer – the field of pure potentiality, pure knowledge, infinite organizing power – and takes everything into account. Sometimes it may even seem inappropriate, but the heart has the computational abilities, which provide a much higher degree of accuracy than that which is available rational thinking.

You can use the Law of Karma for the creation of money, wealth and all the other benefits of always, whenever you want. But you should first fully realize that your future is determined by the choices you make in each moment of his life. If you do it constantly, it means that you fully use the Law of Karma. The more you can raise your choice on the level of full awareness, the more you will spontaneously make the right choice – both for yourself and for others.



Today we choose not resentment, and benevolence and favor to yourself and others.
And yet we choose, instead of sweet rolls and hot dogs, Apple and banana.
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Советик from Ф.Г.Раневской. “ If you want to lose weight - eat naked and in front of the mirror”
In life there is place for everything - and serious, and шутливому. A lot of variants. Choosing.