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the great Italian artist



"So always be in good health, keep these wise rules:

Beware of anger, and avoid the bad and sad mood. 

Let's rest your head and stay always in good mood.

good Night укрывайся.

Know the measure in physical exercises.

Avoid every kind of debauchery and pay more attention to the food that you eat.

Eat only when you want, and have your supper always easy.

you Stay straight, and when thou risest up of–the dinner table.

don't let her belly stuck-up, and the head – go down.

Mix the wine with water and drink little at a time, but don't do it in the intervals between meals or on an empty stomach.

Eat simple (vegetarian) food.

Good food chew it.

Regularly опорожняй stomach!". ..


Leonardo da Vinci was a great juggler. He often played on secular parties
its patrons and entertained the audience skilled juggling. But, it turns out that this lesson was for the genius of the Creator is not only fun. Modern researchers of human capabilities have proved: juggling have an amazing way to learn to work with both hands, and therefore, it is reasonable to coordinate the work of the body and mind. So learn to juggle, that you do not interfere in the life! Leonardo da Vinci was left-handed, but he freely drew both hands. Creating a brilliant fresco "the last supper,"as well as other creations, he had took a brush from one hand to the other. What was it – a whim? The trick? "
Modern scientists have shown: in a harmoniously developed body – harmoniously developed brain and that the future belongs to humanity, which will be fluent in both hands. It turns out, coordinated interaction of both halves of the body is the pledge of closer relationships between the two hemispheres of the brain. And here – more balance in their work.
Follow the advice of the great Maestro of the Renaissance era, and you will be fine you, healthy, and so happy.