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We, the creators of the site, it seems that the quotes of great people, read suddenly,
sometimes can be the engines, which will help you to believe in yourself and do things that can change the fate and the world for the better.


Sincerely hope, that we with you are among the lucky ones, who
this will work out!

"If You want to have something that you never had, – start to do something that has never been done..." 

Richard Bach


"Among the clutter, find simplicity; among discord find harmony; the difficulty of finding a way to..."

albert Einstein


"All know that this is impossible. But here comes the ignorant, who do not know – and it makes a discovery..."

albert Einstein

the Rules of life from Arnold Schwarzenegger:

1. We should always see in front of goal.

2. Never consider the word “no” the answer.

3. Work hard and never be afraid of failure.

4. In life we must go always straight on, and not try to cut cheat.

5. To do it well or not at all do.

6. To aspire to knowledge and to study all his life.

7. Be sure to return good for good.

8. Try to communicate with intelligent, versatile people.

9. Listen more than talk.

10.Любить and take care of loved ones.



Let us think in the reading above and we'll try to change something for the better “here and now”. Happy roads! Spring will come…